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One of the most challenging tasks in the moving industry is the transportation of a piano. Whether it is a regular or grand sized one, this magnificent musical instrument needs something a bit more than a few strong pairs of hands. Do you wish to enlist the aid of qualified mover in Henderson, NV who can perform an outstanding piano moving service? If you indeed are, then Dan's Moving & Storage will gladly make it happen. Upon the actual transportation of the instrument itself, there are a variety of preparations that need to be put in place. Luckily for you, our professional moving service provider knows how to do them!

Black piano

Although Dan's Moving & Storage is highly renowned for our item transportation, piano moving service is something of a professional challenge. Since most of the times the center of gravity in a piano can be very tricky, our renowned piano movers will locate the stand points of the instrument itself and secure it first. After the initial stage of preparations is complete, our experts will make sure that all corners, edges and surfaces that might touch something are properly covered with shock-absorbent material.

After the piano is properly secured, we will commence with the transportation service itself. You can be sure that wherever the piano must arrive, it will do so and still be in tune! We take great pride in our transportation services, and this is why we always achieve outstanding results. If you decided to give our highly experienced and qualified specialists the chance to show you what they are capable of, you will be more than happy to have hired us.

We always work at reasonable and affordable prices. Since the establishment of our licensed and insured company in 1989, we have provided people in Henderson, NV with outstanding moving services at acceptable rates. Give us a call today and find out more!

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